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How does your avatar look today ?


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20 minutes ago, ellie192 said:

Also, how do I insert or upload images? Thanks!

If the files are on your computer, you can drag them into the post - or click 'choose' below to go find them.  If the picture is on a hosting site like Flickr, copy the URL and paste it into the post.  You can also usually copy an image from a web page or other location and paste it into the post.

Pictures uploaded from your computer are subject to the below listed limitations:




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22 hours ago, ellie192 said:

Also, how do I insert or upload images? Thanks!

You've gotten several good answers above... and you can link to files. If you post an image by pasting or uploading you are limited to a 2MB file size. For JPG files that is a decent size. But for PNG it is restrictive.  A link to a Flickr image, for instance, circumvents that file size limit. So, links are often a better choice. Any link that ends in JPG or PNG usually works.

I have linked to images in my blog's image library. But, there are sites that prevent such linking. You just have to try it and see if it works. This forum will show you the image in your post BEFORE you click submit. So, you can easily tell if it works.

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While I was changing clothes the other day at Alethia... something about this moment gave me Heavy Metal*/Boris Vallejo vibes. 

*Heavy Metal is the title for a science fiction/fantasy/erotica magazine, in existence since 1977. I used to own a collection of this magazine back in the 1990's.



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