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How does your avatar look today ?


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Ready for the next part of my ongoing life? Of course I wouldn't forget to update y'all! 🙂

I'm in a bad place. Because my virtual flight from Windhoek to Amsterdam was delayed, I missed my connection to New York JFK and had to sleep in the terminal. While kicking time in Amsterdam, I also decided to call my employer to-be and blew the job. She had continuously ignored important calls for days and kept ordering me in for online meetings on my vacation, which she then skipped without a notice.


When I finally arived in New York City in the early morning, believe it or not, my luggage was missing. Completely frustrated of the events of the past few days and exhausted from the trip home, I took the next cab to my new apartment on the Upper East Side.
As I got home I dropped my filthy clothes, took a quick shower and instantly fell asleep on my new bed. Because of the jetlag, I slept all day long, until early evening. That's when the flashbacks started. I kept thinking of the trip to Namibia with its terrible ending, the exhausting journey home and, of course, Vanessa. I couldn't think of anything else but Vanessa.

In hopes of distracting myself, I started binge-watching old episodes of "King of Queens" while having one Whiskey after another. To be honest, I doze off more than I saw anything of the famous TV Show. I started questioning myself and whether the decision to return to SL had really been the right choice. Was that all worth it? Two weeks have gone by since I returned to SL and here I am again - right where I started.


Should I leave SL? Stay? What should be my next adventure in SL? Perhaps you have suggestions! Let me know! 🙂

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On 7/19/2021 at 8:23 PM, Enfysmae said:

Hi everyone. new here.  finally got out of the system avatar after buying a mesh body and finding a free mesh head.  Hope I did okay. :) 




You look great. Is that the Kupra body? If it is, it's the nicest shape I have ever seen on Kupra.


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9 hours ago, Michael Blackwood said:photo2.thumb.png.c80802dcefa13448d385222a1d604ccd.png


Should I leave SL? Stay? What should I do next? Perhaps you have suggestions! Let me know! 🙂

Publish illustrated inworld books of your adventures in SL. You can then have promo tours inworld and flash sales, give autographs and party around SL world. Working for itself isnt bad, it has some perks.

/Inworld publication tools you can get from MP. /

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7 hours ago, ellie192 said:

Wish I was as good taking pictures than the ones in here. Looking great you all

Thanks for saying, but we didn't all start out with current level of awesomeness... 😆

I've spent considerable time learning how to use Windlight/EEP and the viewer's camera. I still see images and wish I could make an image as nice as that. Even with my skill in Photoshop I often fall short of what I hope to achieve. And I do believe we are our own worst critic.

So, put in some pics and get a view other than your own.


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