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How does your avatar look today ?


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Lelutka Ryn head got updated to v3.1.  Evo & EvoX modes are switchable in the HUD.
The elf ears are included in the update pack - pretty nice ones with cute animations. 🙂
Lucy skin by Nuve - group gift. It has skin for both Evo and EvoX modes. Skin for the body is included too.


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i have not really been active on the forums lately due to not having time, but here's some photos i've been working on in the meantime when i am on SL:

Incoming TrafficMooScribe


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Just how I feel sometimes.... most of the time lol ♥ Young at age but in my heart I know my soul has experienced a lot ♥ ^^ so my two sides of the coin on my avatar :3 

Young at age ...OLD at soul - NEW Eon head evox 3.1


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