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How does your avatar look today ?


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16 hours ago, Lukorange said:

♥ as some of us are celebratin Mother's day today :"3 I tried to make a small tribute to my mum. I felt inspired so I wanted to give it a try. She used to have a little dog like the inu puppy so I decided to add it to my picture. the cat represents my little sister XD ahahahaa (personal joke) I'm glad Lelutka has those bom add-ons to create a more mature look. ^^ I felt happy when my mum smiled after I showed her this picture. Hope everyone is having a nice moment with their families, times pass flying and we gotta treasure every day with our parents. 

MAMÁ....my BEST friend x ever ♥


What @TrophySpousesaid, and more! This is adorable.

It's really lovely to see someone using their photographs to reach out in RL (or SL for that matter). I love that your mother smiled when she saw it. It made me smile too.

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The BoM thread in General reminded me to snap a shot of my latest Femboy setup!


Base body is Belezza Freya with V-tech's Boi Chest for Freya (quite new it seems), fox textures are Whisk's Red Fox body mod in Blackberry, the head is the Foxen head by Sugarcult, eyes are Whisk's Wary Eyes (Sugarcult specific pack, Rage coloration), tail is the Aurascape Vixen Tail, hand and foot paws are Apricot Paws Handy Paws and Feety Peets, hair's Ayashi's Zet and the outfit is .:DL:.'s Spadele.

Heh, I don't normally detail as much of what went into making a given form but thought I ought to this time in case anyone reading this has been looking for anything similar. Oh! And to make more Femboy types aware of this option as well! Though to warn ... There's not a lot of clothing options specifically for the Freya version of the V-tech Boi chest yet!

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