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How does your avatar look today ?


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18 minutes ago, Laika Ravikumar said:


   Can't see the image .. Not sure what's up with that, there seems to be a lot of it around lately. All I see is this:


   Not sure if direct uploads to the forums are borked. 

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Heh, I've taken to using the Regalia body for some of my 'cuter' looks and only recently settled on a 'normal' outfit setup. Outfit is 'similar' to one I was wearing for an image I posted in a much different thread, snapshot taken at my home and cropped.


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I saw the caption for the featured picture today and this felt so appropriate.. 🤣

("On Wednesdays we wear pink..." /meangirls )

Not the most engaging pose/angle but I was happy with how the image came out overall... 💕



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