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How does your avatar look today ?


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On 3/28/2021 at 12:09 PM, Fritigern Gothly said:

A few days ago I looked like this and I was happy with that:

Today I look like this, and I am even happier with that:

The difference is a new head (Catwa Queen), new hair (Monso Choi) and new eyes (ARTE - Emerald). 
Believe it or not, the rest is the same. Skin, freckles, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow.
Oh, as for the shape, I only make my own. 

This is one of the best examples I have seen of updating ones look, looking better but still the same. You didn't lose any of "you". Fabulous how much better the layers look, especially the lipstick.

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