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How does your avatar look today ?


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5 hours ago, colleen Criss said:

I do not recall offhand but as soon as I get logged in to SL I will let you know where I found them.

So after an hour of looking I can not even find these lashes in my inventory. Not worn as far as I can tell. BUT the last HUD I had on was Lelutka Lilly is it possible they can still be on me but in that HUD?

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19 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

@Saskia Riekofrom our Xmas get-together at her place earlier today.

Notice the elf descending from the ceiling and intent upon stealing the wine.


thanks Scylla, I love this picture. And thanks for the warning, I am putting this sneaky little guy back to the box with Christmas deco!

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There sure are some amazing gifts this year. I’m loving this “Alain” mesh head by Lelutka, and not just because it’s a group gift. The Clef De Peau is something I found under the Christmas tree too, but I did feel a strong need to go shopping for a Christmas sweater. 🙂



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