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How does your avatar look today ?


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Like many of the forum regulars I have been playing with Lilly. Had to go to great lengths to get something that felt sort of like me.  I think I aged a decade at least but time does march on.  LOVE THE HUD. Impressive with so very many choices. 

Here's the fashion shot.



Well half an hour later and it is better  and I appear to be pretty darn happy.  

I decided to try out the 7DS Advent skin as I knew it was a nice one. My alt has been checking for "her color" and I knew today's was close to "my color".   Well THAT was a good move.  The skin helped the nose issue and made the lips better. I didn't love the eyebrows -- I am VERY picky about eyebrows and alaskametro seems to have retired hers (both inworld and marketplace - sigh). But Lani my alt had purchased eyebrows over at WIP yesterday so I knew exactly where they were. Happily 7DS includes browless (so nice). Makeup is exactly the same, the underlying skin makes the difference. 


So here I THINK is the final look LOL. WHEW. What we do for pixel vanity.



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