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How does your avatar look today ?


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3 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

Is this a new avi?  She's just beautiful!  If you please, where did you get those adorable shoes?   I love the ring too!  Sometimes I think we should say where we got the items.  Hmmmm, I know it would sound a bit like spam...but sometimes I just would like to know.

The shoes and dress is free in Maitreya! The shoes is a Stay at Home gift and the dress is a group gift. (Both fatpack!) The ring and the other jewelry is Maxi Gossamer. I think the ring name is Khadijah or another royal sounding name. It is unrigged, but I attached it to the ring finger, so it can move right.

I have the same head and skin as in the other pictures that started with the ballet ones. I think the makeup and the "haughty" pose and expression makes me look different here. I am not sure how I got that expression. But I thought it fits.

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This is a bit of me being a lingerie model...probably not going to do this very often nor pursue it as a SL career as I am sure there is a lot of it already, but I gave it a go just to try it, and then I'll move on.   The photos are taken by me not someone else.  

Snapshot_828 (2).jpg

Snapshot_836 (2).jpg

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