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How does your avatar look today ?


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New name, new head


GENUS Project - Genus Head - Strange Face W002 - v1.7 - Mocap

TRUTH / Lilo Hair

[PF] <Porcelain> - Tomie - GENUS - (Lid 05 - nobrow)

Gloom. - Ghoul Collection - Eyes

(Enfer Sombre*) Omega Eyebrows - Baby

+ Demon Spit // Himiko Igari Eye Makeup / FATPACK

.ARISE. Kimu Blushes 1

Izzie's - Genus - BOM Nose Fix 02

Izzie's - Dimples light (cool skintones)

Izzie's - Genus - Lips Concealer 02 80%

+ Demon Spit // Magic Crystal Lip Gloss / Pink [OMEGA]

{HIME*DREAM} Ayane Shape

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7 hours ago, Alexis Kiyori said:

Howdy strangers! Haven't posted on here in a while...I hope everyone is keeping safe and well ❤️ can I have your opinions please? :D Which hair colour looks best on me? TIA!!

hair color.jpg

Definitely anything on the top row.  Your skin tone does not pull off the lighter hair shades.

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