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How does your avatar look today ?

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This is my current avatar. She's an Usagi Child ^.^  

i was wondering around a SIM one day, and some dude private messaged me tellin' me he loved my look... he was very polite and kind, asked me to stop running and turn my AO off for him, so i did... the

Not a GREAT picture but i was working on this avi last night. :3 I'm obsessed with my face.

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*CK* Naughty kitten top MAITREYA PETITE
*CK* Naughty kitten skirt MAITREYA
Spoiled - Cutesy Backpack Maitreya
Sweet Thing. Simple Thigh-High Stockings: Maitreya (Skinny)

I'm also using the **CC** - Love Potion (Pure Heart) aura and, the Animated Cell Shader Aura For Maitreya Petit 2.0 by CREATiCA

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Switched brands of mesh head yesterday.


lelutka Ryn (in it's default, Ryn looks like a blend of a couple of RL friends I had in my 20s living in Korea), heavily shaped to move the look from North-East Asian to a sort of 'Afro-Asian-Neko' (once I had the eyes to 'realistically right' I went in and added '10' to a couple dials to go into 'anime neko' territory).

RL me is a quarter Asian so, wanted to sneak that into my avatar look.



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On 10/28/2020 at 6:40 AM, Eva Knoller said:


Tacoma Bay Photo contest [Eva Knoller]


Are you my landlord in disguise?  She always comes with a menagerie that I call her "Noah".  lol

Here's me with 4 eyes...I wonder if I could get a look where I could have 4 eyes and it looks better than what I have here for "fantasy" looks?  If you look closely, there is just a bit of eye underneath what looks like a main eye.  


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The new LOGO Chelsea head with a shape I made for it,  using Lara Hurley's Mandi skin for LOGO. I believe LOGO still has it out for free by joining their group, which is also free to join, but I don't think it will last much longer. Honestly, this head is lovely! Between this one and my Lelutka, I am pretty much set :)


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