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How does your avatar look today ?


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The Signature Geralt mesh body and head had been in my closet for way too long. Djees, some people have skeletons in their closets, but the worst you'll find in mine is a couple of mesh bodies. No honestly, I have the heart of a little girl! *changes to creepy voice* in a jar underneath my bed. RIGHT! Here's a Geralt look I did the other day and my personal favourite so far when it comes to my styling exercises with this particular head and body.

Dabbling With Geralt XLV


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49 minutes ago, BeautifulXu said:

can you please pose in the frilly britches?

Sure, although it's not how my avatar looks today. The phrase 'Mister Frilly Britches' was coined by Xerxes Kingstop in another thread, discussing the availability of male mesh clothing, In particular, the pants in the Flickr image linked-to at the end of this post were the ones being discussed, so they are the 'frilly britches' in question. I liked the phrase so much that I decided to use it as my byline here in the forum:


The image where I'm wearing said 'frilly britches' shows me wearing a wide open shirt and bare-chested, and I have promised (after this thread) never to post any shirtless pics on this forum again. (Interestingly, that thread has had a negative effect on all of my SL photography, because I've not even taken a single shirtless image since then.) So you can click here to view the image directly on my Flickr.

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