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How does your avatar look today ?


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3 hours ago, Existential Conundrum said:

The skin for this look is Mudskin. It's their latest creation. This is a fantastic skin. It comes in a variety of tones, of course. If you go to the store, it's across from the reception desk on the wall.

And the hair is by Monso. They have a large selection. Both Mudskin and Monso are on the same sim.

The shape is by Urara, but I'm sure there are lots of options.

Just a lil help...


Very nice. So Mudskin is still in business? I just returned to SL after a long break, and I couldn't find them on the Marketplace. No listings anyway, just storefront.

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11 hours ago, BeautifulXu said:

you and who is the nude girl?

That would be me, the two on the right clothed would be some random strangers I came across while exploring/

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14 hours ago, Saskia Rieko said:


Lovely photo Saskia.

I hope you don't mind but I found this:

Leave go my hands, let me catch breath and see;
Let the dew-fall drench either side of me;
    Clear apple-leaves are soft upon that moon
Seen sidelong like a blossom in the tree;
    And God, ah God, that day should be so soon.
~ Algernon Charles Swinburne
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19 hours ago, BeautifulXu said:

no, I don't understand the ins and outs of SL but I am learning more and more. But not quick enough! I want to make an avatar like me. I'm 6 feet tall like a boy but i'm not a boy! i'm a Chinese girl , a little tan. I had white hair the last time I was here. I had a different name, I don't know what  it was. Ming? I think I was Ming.

Pink Fuel has some nice classic skins, one of them is Asian: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PF-Kumi-Latte-FATPACK/4143204 Bonus, it's cheap, just L$150 per skin tone. If you're a little tanned, you probably want the Latte or Peach tone, but I suggest getting the demo and trying them all.

You can also change your Display Name (you can do this up to once a week): 

So you can be Ming again, if you want. (Note that your display name will not be shown here on the forum, only in-world).



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