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How does your avatar look today ?


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I just couldn't leave well enough alone, and just had to post-process an outtake of a raw image I posted in the, erm, RAWr thread. :) For some reason, my face, contrary to logic, it seems, looks much more detailed when slightly blurred, and a bit overbright:




N.B. I quickly added a dark grey background, as the original white border looks weird on the white forum background (and the border really needs to be white, period 😁).

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3 hours ago, Cristiano Midnight said:

This is my favorite picture I've ever taken in SL.


Tee shirt and dog in perfect harmony - I can see why this would be a favourite photo. Even the sofa, cushions, general decor, match the dog - the tulips - to the colour of the collar and the dog! Superb this is indeed. 

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