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How does your avatar look today ?

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This is my current avatar. She's an Usagi Child ^.^  

i was wondering around a SIM one day, and some dude private messaged me tellin' me he loved my look... he was very polite and kind, asked me to stop running and turn my AO off for him, so i did... the

Not a GREAT picture but i was working on this avi last night. :3 I'm obsessed with my face.

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7 hours ago, kiramanell said:


Hehe, all your poses are so styllish, the 'simplicity of the shots' despite. :) ❤️

Thanks, Kira. Poses are mostly the easy part though! (Although I do sometimes tinker with them, and nearly always customize the facial expressions.)

There is now, as there really wasn't 10 years ago, a huge marketplace for goods, especially poses and pre-made backdrops, that caters almost entirely to the photography community, and especially to the fashion blogger. Static poses with Instagram-like postures and attitudes abound. I haven't in the past made much use of that kind of pose, because I'm generally trying to capture something a bit more naturalistic, or that at least doesn't involve mugging at the camera.

And actually, I probably still won't use them much for fashion pics, in part because they're often dull and predictable, and in part because I don't want to present as a 20 year old (except on the rare occasions I use my alternate persona "Gabby").

I'm keeping an eye on the people I know who fashion blog, and do it well -- @Catrie, @TatianaNikolay, @Skell Dagger, and others. I'm trying to do something a bit different than they are (although Skell's pics maybe come closest to the look I'm trying to achieve), but they're all very good at what they do, and provide useful models. And in terms of clothes, I'm ready to slavishly imitate the looks of a lot of people here.

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5 hours ago, EllieNewell said:

Following my bake fail and corrupted shape, I rose from the ashes, after some major keyboard tapping...……..and what's amazing is that after all that slider work, I'm still a Newell.



Now make a copy of your shape. In inventory it is a simple select, press Ctrl-C (Copy), [optional: select a different folder], and press Ctrl-V (Paste). Done. This makes a completely new copy in the SL assets system. If the original gets messed up, you have the backup to use.

And as we talking elsewhere, you can export your shape to an XML file saved on your computer, Developer (Ctrl-Shift-Q if not in top menu)->Avatar->Character Test->Appearance to XML.

Too pretty an avatar to loose.

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1 hour ago, Maitimo said:

That looks beautiful but damn, over a million in complexity?? 😵

I have a few specialty type outfits like that that I've found while sorting through old inventory.  If the outfits are really nice and picture-worthy, I keep them, but move them to a folder labeled "For Pictures ONLY".   I think the highest I've every come across was something like 2.3 million or such.

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I went for a walk in Clublane Park in my New Orleans City and took a few pics by the big willow at the duck pond.


Not the best boots for walking on dirt but I'm very talented that way.


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2nd pic not showing up
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Krankhaus for Engine Room, and an inventory deep-dive that had me shrieking with delight. This look is called "Taking 'less is more', setting it on fire, and defenestrating it", and I am desperately in love with it. Full credits here.


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Tried my hand at the Fantasy Faire again (using this handy shopping guide I found!). I teleported around to a few places, but didn't really find anything that spoke to me. As usual I had a hard time finding anything V-Tech compatible. 😭 Visited the Raven Bell store and demo'd a few things. In the end the only thing I came out with was this free V.I.P. gift hair "Ren" (the group was free to join), which I simply adore for its simplicity. Well, I had a great time anyhow. 🙂




↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2020/04/29/ren/

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