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How does your avatar look today ?


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36 minutes ago, Elora Lunasea said:

I saw you there - was very struck by your appearance. Well done!

Thank you very much!

It's been my tradition to go to the first day of Faire as a satyr/faun.  It's the second time I've worn this particular costume.

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2 hours ago, Seicher Rae said:

Like the new skin a lot. Very pretty. A few years ago it was so hard to get a nice, darker skin (as I'm sure you remember) and it is nice seeing more options. This one has a very nice tone to it.

Yes there weren't many makers.  There are more now but not as many as you'd think for Lelutka heads.   When I got my first mesh head, Lelutka Simone was the only one I could make the demos look something like my system face which was important to me.  Luckily the skin maker I was using sold my old skin as an applier for Simone then but she doesn't do much for Lelutka anymore and the old skin layers are lower resolution than new BoM.  The new line of heads from Lelutka has cause other makers to start making some that work in the shades I need.

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51 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

These are all really cute, Ivy! And your avi looks great in all of them. But I really like your look in this one!

Awwww thank you! Of all my alts, at the moment she's definitely my favorite looks wise

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