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How does your avatar look today ?


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So, this is the look for today.. Picked up the free Genus Bento head, and I had a fun time creating a shape and finding a skin. I was able to test some new eyes I was working on enjoyed using my BOM freckles, winged liner and little broken heart tat (which is a gift for Phases.. coming soon). I have enjoyed using BOM for makeup, tattoos and things of the sort. It is nice to have as many layers of tattoos as you want without having to choose between one or another. Thanks to Genus for giving this lovely head as a gift!❤️


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9 hours ago, Rhun DeCuir said:

"Too glam to give a damn"

Words to live by.  😊

Absolutely! The second I saw that sign, my brain went "MINE!" :D

4 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

Gawd even your home is fabulous. 😁

LOL! I have several homes, and the one I usually use is a lot less glam and a lot more cosy. However, I've been picking up so much gorgeous stuff at weekend sales lately that I decided to start work on an additional home that is more glam. Only this corner is done so far, but I love it.

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@Laika Ravikumar Im so sorry I meant to post a pic from the place I met you at yesterday and instead I posted a pic of you , yours was probably better than mine. My brain is not functioning properly being confined to house with two small children and a grumpy husband.

Maybe I will get more into this now I'm at home more hopefully I am just not used to forums and stuff hardly venture here. Anyway hope you are well and everyone else on here.

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6 minutes ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

It is adorable!  I hope that's the look you were going for :)


I am not sure what look I was looking for it just turned out like this. I haven't messed with it a lot because don't get on often so ty .

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