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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 hours ago, TheMainOtaku said:


Decided to take my avatar to the beach today 💗


11 hours ago, Saskia Rieko said:

Yep, it's a beach day for me too



10 hours ago, Talligurl said:


Sounds like a great idea to me too




1 hour ago, manoji Yachvili said:

seems that the beach time is come 😅
playing with wl and filter


I saw so many wonderful shot looking the last posts, congrats to all 😊



I also feel like going to the beach ..... Well, many beaches in SL. Enjoy it! ☀️

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39 minutes ago, Lovyi said:

I am still trying to learn How to understand how to Dress my avi. For being new I think i am doing a good job. :D Now i need to learn everything else ❤️


Welcome to the forums @Lovyi . You're doing well! If you need help just ask on the forums!!

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