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How does your avatar look today ?


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@Ajay McDowwll Next time try this...

image.png.64e7f8377b0a9cfd5ed0d2432d329845.png In Windows there is a Snipping Tool that grabs screen shots. Do a COPY and PASTE into your post.

I have yet to figure out why the run on Toilet Paper. 

The Snipping tool in Windows has a load of options. I have been using it forever. This 2016 compilation where I was playing with Adobe's Premiere and learning about transitions is made from images I captured using the tool. So, these are pretty much raw screenshots.

Ctrl-Alt-F1 hides all the name tags, UI, and HUDs. It is a toggle. 

There is no keyboard shortcut to open the tool. Once the tool is open you can see its icon in the taskbar. Right-click the icon and Pin to taskbar. Makes for handy screenshots.

SL is full of glorious well dressed avatars... and the not so dressed...

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6 hours ago, Anja Medier said:

So far my fav photo. I really love the hair. Could you please tell me who's the hairstylist if you don't mind? I would love to see if she/he has light browns.

Thank you

Thank you ☺️! The hair is Mecca from L’Etre/Doux, and there is plenty of shades of brown to choose from!

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Hiya everyone! I've been totally self absorbed the last few weeks with everything... So I just wanted to pop in and post something so you all know I'm fine and haven't disappeared. XO Sara


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