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How does your avatar look today ?


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"Si une femme est mal habillée, on remarque sa robe, mais si elle est impeccablement vêtue, c'est elle que l'on remarque." (Coco Chanel)

Alright, so she was a pretty awful person, and almost certainly a Nazi collaborator during the occupation of France. She changed style and fashion forever, and her work helped liberate women from its constraints.


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@TatianaNikolay; I know that feeling! (every time I go to the store for one thing and come out with half a dozen... Or used to before the price gouging). I love how you look suitably impressed with the receipt. Still a lovely crisp pic!

@Catrie; maybe its the hair or the grunge-esque feel of the backdrop but that pic reminds me of The Fifth Element movie for some reason. You look awesome as always!

@Scylla Rhiadra; you're an artist in every sense of the word. And yes that's a compliment!

@Seicher Rae; I love the colours (and it's a nice contrast to the not-so-happy news you mentioned).

@SunnySunnyson; Love those colours too! The head wear made me laugh admittedly but laughter is probably a good thing right now and not intended as an insult in any way. I can take or leave a sci-fi theme but you're rocking it!

@Aedan Charron; congrats on the win and you look very dapper in the suit!

@Ajay McDowwll; envies your throne and the fact you look so content up there. Also MOAR PICS OF ELLIE! XD 

@Madelaine McMasters; thanks for the laugh. I still get a giggle every time I look at it. (The picture! The picture!! XD)

To everyone else; great shots as always and please keep sharing! All these colours and different styles and themes are a good distraction right now.

I have nothing visually to share since I haven't changed clothes since I last took a pic *le gasp!* (to be fair I've been building) but I wanted to show some appreciation

so thank you all!  ❤️

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2 hours ago, RaeLeeH said:

@Ajay McDowwll; envies your throne and the fact you look so content up there. Also MOAR PICS OF ELLIE! XD 

As requested LOL

Also, the TP throne is a freebie (you pay one linden and the owner repays it) at the entry at Dench Designs -- it's both hilarious and awesome :D


As Requested_003.png

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5 hours ago, Aedan Charron said:

Being the one that never, ever wins anything, I was pleasantly surprised to login last night and learn that I had won two suits Hoorenbeek was giving away. That surprise was somewhat tempered by the fact that some of my first mesh clothing came from them and for the most part, I was seldom happy with the fit. I've noticed some improvement over time so I was hoping that these actually fit as good as they look in the ads. 

Shock! it fits quite well!  Now, if only they had given me these before I was locked up in the apartment :D   All dressed up and no place to go ;)


Avatar Today 20200322.jpg

That looks great and i just went over to the store! I was also never happy with the old suits but need to check this one out.

EDIT: Bought the Fatpack 

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Ready for the meetup this next weekend,  messing around with settings at Cyber Fair and yes, I bought the poses...but I just liked the wind light and ambiance there so I snapped one on their demo pose stand. 1 setting up, 2 with some firestorm phototools settings tweaks. 


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