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How does your avatar look today ?


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I thought something was off a bit so I made a template to superimpose the ratio mask on my in-world head. Then the problem was getting it aligned with my face and camera. I put that 'dot' on the nose. It is actually a cylinder prim. Hit Ctrl-0 a bunch of times and swing the camera around until the cylinder looks like a dot... that does it.

I still have to decide if I'll move my eyes and brows...

I might program the mask with size and position controls. There is a white side (shown) and a black side, so it would need a flip control. Manually resizing and positioning is tedious.

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Being the one that never, ever wins anything, I was pleasantly surprised to login last night and learn that I had won two suits Hoorenbeek was giving away. That surprise was somewhat tempered by the fact that some of my first mesh clothing came from them and for the most part, I was seldom happy with the fit. I've noticed some improvement over time so I was hoping that these actually fit as good as they look in the ads. 

Shock! it fits quite well!  Now, if only they had given me these before I was locked up in the apartment :D   All dressed up and no place to go ;)


Avatar Today 20200322.jpg

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