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How does your avatar look today ?


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4 hours ago, Angelina String said:

Black Dragon, unedited

It's been about a year or so since I've last looked at Black Dragon and I was bored today. So I decided to have another look at it, but there are two versions: BlackDragon 64x AVX 3.6.9 and BlackDragon 64x 3.6.9 - both have the exact same file size. Do you know what the differences are? LOL I've looked Dev's blog, the wiki, the FAQ... cannot find any mention of this.

I'm trying the AVX version (whatever that means) - it seems better than I remember last time I tried it - performance wise and also UI wise (it just seems different from what I remember - I remember being overwhelmed!) I don't like that you can only map a single control to turning, though. So it's either A and D *or* left/right arrows keys, but not both. Ugh.

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Honestly thinking some deep thoughts while immersing and floating in the marina that is my backyard. In RL marinas are probably not where you want to sit in the water and lounge, but in SL we have that option and only have oil slicks and dead fish floating by if we put them there. I have candles instead.

houseboat 012020_001.jpg

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14 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Above and beyond its superior ability to pose, Black Dragon seems to produce a somewhat crisper shot?

Or is that my imagination (or the skill of the people taking shots with it)?


Mmm, I think it does take a crisper shot. I'm for sure no expert in it or anything, and I have huuuge issues getting shadows right, but it does take a radically crisper shot to me. I did a small study on it vs FS once just for myself:

10.10.19.S.Viewer Comparisons

The first shot is from Firestorm and the second is Black Dragon. The pose is the same--but unfortunately as you can see the shot itself is not exactly the same. Mostly because I hate the BD camera and gave up trying to get exact. >< But, it's fairly close. The only post processing done was a slight raise in color intensity. If I remember correctly, they were both taken with a projector light. >< But it's been a minute since I took that.

12 hours ago, Angelina String said:

I have a real love/hate relationship with Black Dragon. I LOVE the introvideo and especially the intromusic - I spend minutes longer on logging in just beacuse of that...

I hate the default key layout for controlling the avatar and for controlling the camera - had to spend major time and do some minor hacking to get it to my liking.

Love the machinima-panel, and the ability to add lensflare and vignetting directly when taking a picture. Love the DoF control and the realistic DoF Settings, but hate that you have to choose between shadows from the sun/moon OR projectors (WHYYY?). Love that you can have motionblur and take BW pics, but hate that there is no Favourite Attachments or built in AO.

AND the Poser!! A level of control that nothing else can give you, and you can save the poses for later use - but no one exept you can see your pose, so it is useable for photos only...

But when you get all settings right - the quality of the rendering is absolutely superb! And it is well worth taking the time to get over that initial (huge, i know) struggle to learn how things work, the possibilities that lies before you is well worth it!!!


I'm so glad you posted this about BD. >< I really have nothing but bad, petty things to say about it cause I have zero patience with it. n.n; But this is a really good and fair explanation of the viewer and is pretty much how my experience with it has actually been (if I was being more honest over being frustrated =p ). I don't have all of BD fine tuned yet tho, and I know that's all on me, but once I do, I'm sure I'd agree 100% to it being worth anyone's while and def better to use over Firestorm.

Especially because the stupid line glitch isn't in BD. I: ANYWHERE. At least from what I've used of it.

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Please don't judge to savagely i am only 7 days i think into SL and having lots of fun :D 

I have been learning since yesterday going hours on end LOL :P how to put together a basic outfit and specially after challenging with a VCO Gacha Milli which i really like and other 2016 Designs to they are so whimsical and going to the Store is like leaving the SL going landing a fantasy land i could in there with these slot machines yer!!!! (i am about the night light it looked so shiny and glittery there but in the bright forum white flo lights it is hello)


Milli pic for forum 1.2.jpg

Milli pic for forum 1.1.jpg

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2 hours ago, momomoonusagi said:

I'm so glad you posted this about BD. >< I really have nothing but bad, petty things to say about it cause I have zero patience with it

BD is what got me so into SL tbh. If I didn't find it and find out I could take amazing pics, I probably wouldn't have lingered around very long. 



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