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How does your avatar look today ?


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On 1/11/2020 at 8:43 PM, Seicher Rae said:

We've been discussing various bento heads in this thread and another. I've been reading. I bought a LeLutka head not too long ago, and because I whizzed through playing with the demo instead of taking my time, I thought I could tweak it more than I could. It is a very pretty head, but not me... too glam. Too cheekbone-y. I read here/there about the pro/cons of the Genus head, and decided to take the leap. I bought the Classic after spending HOURS with the demo... wasn't going to make that mistake again. SR always was kind of a girl next door type (whatever that means), as opposed to model. She was created in system with a lot of work and there is a RL family resemblance. She started out like my younger, prettier cousin. When I turned SL ten yrs. I went totally new! Nope. Couldn't do that, either. 

Well, the Classic allowed me to do an updated system Seicher look. I wasn't going for an exact copy, but if I had I could have gotten even closer. System SR's face was a tad leaner, the nose a bit thinner and less turned up (the current one is closer to "family resemblance" than the original) and the eyes were bigger. But I think I captured the spirit of original SR. She's paler, poor dear, probably Vit. D deficient. The hair is THE SAME as in the 2010 photo! And I forgot how good it was. And it doesn't really add so much to my complexity!!! Not any more than a newer hair, and a lot less than some. I'm going to be wearing it for a while. :)

PS: The Forum was Spot On with their comments pros/cons of the Genus head and HUD.

Quick screenshot (with bad lighting) for comparison sake, with the bottom photo showing the LeLutka I've been wearing.




SR Genus 011120_001.jpg


You've done a brilliant job with the Genus: it looks gorgeous -- the more so because it's not "glam." (And, for what it's worth, it's closer too to your older look.) Nice choice!

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2 hours ago, Seicher Rae said:

LuanesMagicalWorld 3 011220_002.jpg

ETA: Ruh Roh. I'm noticing some tiling in this post, which I didn't detect before. Please don't let that be my graphics card. Let it be that FS bug I've heard about! Demmit.

I have noticed this when DOF is enabled and there are some textures with alpha blended transparencies in the bkg. This might not be that but it’s one reason I see this glitch sometimes and I know my card is fine. 

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