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How does your avatar look today ?


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9 hours ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

This is the first chance I have had to be in SL for over a week and even so I was only in for a few minutes.  I'm still wearing what I went to bed in on the 13th :(

It's a little more skin than I usually show in public but it's ... I don't know how to put it.  It's how I need to feel right now.Snapshot_021a.thumb.jpg.c97ea615aedda87ace9b885f80190a7f.jpg


Some of us need to feel that way almost constantly.

Today however I am not feeling it at all


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3 hours ago, Donovan Michalski said:

The schedule looks like it might hold for making the race this afternoon;  going over the data one more time with the mechanic.  xD


I think someone needs to do some stock car paintings

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