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16 hours ago, Talligurl said:

So I had this dress in my favorites a while now, In memory of the Manchester terror attack, I had to get it.


and I also cut my hair.

While, as a Brit, I appreciate the sentiment of this post and your intention in wearing the dress, I do wish that creators would pay closer attention to their texturing when using a country's flag as part of the work.

No matter which way you turn it, the Union Jack on that dress is upside down. Unlike many similar flags, the Union Jack is not symmetrical in reflection. The white saltire of Scotland (the diagonal white cross) is slightly offset. When viewed horizontally, the upper-left portion of the saltire should be thicker than the lower in that quadrant. Here's your dress, turned both ways, with the correct flag beneath (albeit cut off slightly at top and bottom by the limitations of the editing software I used for the image) -


Only a Brit would notice this instinctively (and even then, only a pedantic Brit like me, who pays attention to that kind of thing! :D) but - as most people are aware - flying a flag upside down is usually regarded as either a distress signal or an insult. It would be the equivalent of that dress being the Stars and Stripes, with the stars section on the lower right (or, actually, anywhere on the dress but the lower left so that - if turned 90° clockwise - it was in the right place).

You would normally only see the flag flying in reverse if it was hoist on the right (ie: the flagpole is to the right of the flag) and the wind was blowing it to the left (as you view it). If the Union Jack is hoist left and blowing to the right and the upper left portion of the Scottish saltire isn't the thick part, the flag is upside down.

Not to worry, though. Even the UK Government has got it wrong in the past ;)

ETA: Side-note: From that BBC article, a quote by the director general of the Flag Institute:


"Having the flag upside down historically was a sign of distress. You might have put it up on a fort to warn those in the know - other British forces - that there was trouble from the enemy. Forces from other nations wouldn't have noticed. It was like a sort of code."

So I understand why it's so often used incorrectly, but a moment of looking more closely at the flag would tell you there was something asymmetrical about it, and I wish more SL creators would do that "looking closely" thing.

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Oh wow, I am aware that the Union Jack is not symmetrical and there is an upside down, I can never remember which way is right though and didn't even think about it with the flag in a vertical position. I suppose with a picture it would be easy enough to fix, by flipping it. I will have to keep that in mind for the future.

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1 hour ago, Clover Jinx said:

I need that chair in real life. You look very serene.

Me too!!! I got it in a subscription box that includes home decorations, it's probably one of my favorite things! (Until Madelaine got her clippers on it! lmao)

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