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[SLMC] - Pandorium Alliance

Lance Ametza
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Pandorium Alliance -- one of Second Life's premier military organizations of the year. Join this band of content creators, gamers, and socialites in weekly FPS combat operations across the grid!

[Player Perks]:

  • Welcoming and active community.
  • Access to a dedicated full-region with a land capacity of 20,000 and ~ 1,631 in traffic.
  • Access to our Private Discord server.
  • Free standard issue equipment for new recruits. *Regular Updates*
  • Free Pandorium Alliance Exclusive RP System. *Regular Updates*
    • In-game currency and armaments shop.
    • Resource gathering system.
  • Frequent defense and assault combat operations using LLCS *Linden Labs Combat System*


*Prospective members can join Pandorium Alliance by filling out an in-world application found at the SLURL below. When complete please send it to the account name listed in the application or place it in the dropbox in the lobby*



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