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Makalu County Roleplay

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Makalu County is a family based sim with lots of things to do and see!

We have a cafe and diner - for those lucious dates or a little snack break!

We have a childrens playground & school - For the little troublemakers!

We have a SCUBA Diving school - For those who want to try something new or brush up their skills!

We have a Tiki bar and club - For those fun night outs!

We have a campsite and bikes available to ride around on - For those feelin' adventurous!

We are pet friendly - We love all animals that come in all species, shapes and sizes

We have sightseeing - For those who want to explore our home!

We have homes available for rent - For those who want to call our home, their home!

We have a boating & diving lake - For those who like to get away from stress to our waters!

We are a friendly & supportive community, have active administrators and emegency services available.

We are hiring for our Sheriff Department, Fire Department, Hospital and Department of Transportation.

For more information, visit: http://makalucounty.wixsite.com/secondlife

Or: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stunning Views/39/215/22

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