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Where should I post to look for tenants for skyboxes?

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I'd guess either Region for Rent: Full Private Island (For promoting your rentals within a full region or full regions rentals. Formerly Parcels for Rent: Estate) or Parcels for Rent: Mainland (For promoting rental of your Mainland parcel) - depending on whether it is mainland or private region

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2 hours ago, GiaBlossom said:


If am to find tenants for skyboxes, where should I post in SL Community or do I post in classifieds? 

Thanks in advance

Greetings GiaBlossom!

If you are not yet a Marketplace Merchant, you are formally invited to list your rentals on the Second Life Marketplace, located here:


Real Estate Listings are welcome on the Marketplace.  

Linden Lab has separate categories specifically for listing your Real Estate Sales and Rentals. 

The only restriction is that the Product Listing itself must be set for "sale" at Zero Lindens (L$), since all Real Estate transactions happen in world and cannot be processed through the Marketplace itself.

If you have any questions, please let us know :)

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$50 a week ads in the SL classified is always a good place. That's where lots of folks look. The Marketplace might be next, but honestly only a small percentage of users actually read these forums :D.    You can also ad "skybox rental" to your land description and then get a $30 a week Places listing where you can NOW make your own web page.   I am not sure how many people are actually looking at those pages at this time, but something to think about for the future. 


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