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Christian Forsythe

4th Marines needs YOU!!

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4th Marines

Marine Corps Recruit Deck

We are a role-play based around the US Marine Corps and we strive for realism within the role-play, you will be put through your paces within a realistic boot camp for a minimum of 1 full week, the boot camp consists of a minimum of 2 hours per day/night.

We are as realistic as secondlife allows us to be, there will be a tough regime in the boot camp. If you want to join an active military group within secondlife that is not just a group but a family of brothers and sisters then please hit up one of the people listed at the bottom of the post.




Military Police


Drill Instructors (Hand picked by the Command Sergeant Major)


If you are interested please feel free to contact

Colonel PAPA T (Anthohy Vought), Commanding Officer, 4th Marines

Lieutenant Colonel Sαитιαgο Vιиƈє Kʟσυɔ (BigSofty Resident), Executive Officer, 4th Marines

Command Sergeant Major Vicki Alexandra Low (Vickiex Resident), Sergeant Major, 4th Marines

Gunnery Sergeant Jason B, Aldean (AnthonyCameron Resident), Senior Drill Instructor, MCRD

Staff Sergeant Ƈняιѕ ƜαявƖσσɗ (Christian Forsythe), Junior Drill Instructor, MCRD

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How realistic? Are there pictures of Sergeant Major Low on a website somewhere, complete with prurient commentary by her male colleagues?

In all seriousness, has the scandal entered your RP at all?

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I appreciate your enthusiasm, but having done my time at Parris Island, Cherry Point and worldwide - it just would not be entertaining :-)

I value my time spent in those places, but I am much older and slightly calmer these days :-)

Out of curiousity, how do you simulate Field Day Night in SL ? Are there animated "strip the deck" attachments and a wearable "floor buffer" attachment?

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