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Downton Abbey themed role-play (roles available)

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I am planning to make a royal themed sim based on a manor house exactly like downton abbey, With a aristocrat family upstairs in a large manor house and down below the servants that help keep the manor house going. 

Family Positions available: 




Servant Positions Available:

-Head Butler


-Ladies Maids



The staff of the house get accommodation within the house but these are not paid positions its just for role-play. We need dedicated role-players to take these positions. 

Please contact me in-world at ConorO1998 Resident or reply under the forum. 


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I am interested in this type of roleplay as well. I would like to be one of the maids. I don't really watch downtown abbey much but I do know a little about it. I am African American, I've never seen black people in downtown abbey lol so I hope my skin complexion isn't a problem. 

I just posted something as well, saying i would like to do historic roleplay.  I already have like 1700s outfits, so this would be great! I would like more information about this possible roleplay!


Kam08 Resident

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