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How to override user_settings/settings.xml for viewer startup?

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I downloaded the project Alex Ivy viewer to check it out.  However it seems to be using the same user_settings/settings.xml file that the regular SL viewer uses.  Before logging in, I modified the cache location for something specific to this browser.  However, when I actually logged in, it proceeded to move the regular cache to the new location.  When I then log in with the regular SL viewer, it now has its cache location set to the one I specified for the Alex Ivy viewer.  So apparently, it doesn't create its own user_settings by default.  Since I'd like to maintain a separate cache for the viewer, like I do with all of the various viewers, is there a way to override the settings file to be used during startup?

ETA - With a bit of googling, I found "--settings settings_workspace.xml", so going to give it a try.

ETA2 - That did it.


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