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This is not going to be some l33t-para-gamer disrespecting Family Roleplay - although what I'm going to say surprises me....

I have been roleplaying in SL since 2005 and my characters (on my RP alt) have been in most of the better-known RP sims.  I'm a frustrated writer, so I'm one of those evil "Para-posters" - altho I self-identify as a "Flexi-Poster" (I adapt my style to the group). I've played criminals, cops, "Loose Women", and done the "action stuff" as well as participated in "Dystopian", "High Fantasy" and "Modern Fantasy Sims".  I have all the Snobby-Roleplayer Badges you might expect for someone who would say (disdainfully); "Oh, you do Family Roleplay; that's nice"

Ok, not all Paraposters are that self-acribed-superior - but looking at some posts on this forum I can see that a few of you have bumped into "RP Purists" who have no time for any RP ideology that isn't theirs..

So when I accidentally backed my way into a Family Roleplay, I was surprised at how much I liked it.

My character in a "Modern RP sim" had a neighbor whose character was Pregnant and whose family situation was "unique". Our characters became friends socially, and suddenly I'm all involved in this extended family that really *was* interesting, unpredictable and quite a bit of fun.

No car chases, gun battles, fight scenes, drug deals or any of the staples that normally go with the "major" RP sims.

..and it was FUN.

Looking back on it, I can see that the allure of Family Roleplay might just be that it offers a chance to simulate what we missed in Real Life. Most of us grew up in an era where Mom Works Too, or maybe Mom is the Only Parent. Family RP gives us a chance to explore a perhaps-ordinary life that's still mysterious to many of us.  Its simpler than RL, but in some ways that can be comforting.

So, I can understand why we see all the posting about "new Family Sim". Not all are the same - but I'm done discounting it.

Roleplay is Roleplay and  Character Development is Character Development; it doesn't have to be exotic to be fun as long as the Players are into it.

As with all things roleplay; your personal experiences may vary :-D


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Love it. I particularly like your statement that roleplaying and character development are the same, regardless of the style or genre of roleplaying you do. This is something I've struggled with in tabletop gaming, writing, and even teaching. Sometimes the mundane story can be the most interesting one. A character facing a normal but still difficult challenge can be just as rewarding as trying to survive in a gun fight.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1357 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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