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Looking for club and/or photography work.

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i'm looking for some type of work. preferably in a club or some other sort of entertainment. iv'e tried a few places but they refuse to hire me since i'm unable to use voice to "prove" i am female due to my mic being broken at the moment.

however, i do enjoy talking to people. (sometimes a bit too much) and i'm a pretty hyper person usually. but i figured that'd be okay for a job at some type of entertainment sim such as a club etc.

i don't have experience with DJing. but i could do hoasting etc. i like to learn things as well.

i'd be free basically any time during the night since i'm always awake anyways. 

i have been really bored in sl lately and hope someone actually replies! i need something new to do here and i think i'd enjoy meeting a lot of new people and making new friends.

so if you are interested just message me in world or send me a notecard! <3 also if this isn't the right place to post this, then please let me know :P

and don't let my profile fool you. i'm actually pretty nice~

(Edit) i'd also like to add that i enjoy taking photos. i don't claim to be the best but if interested i'd be willing to do some photos for you for a low price of your choice!

i'll attach a reference below!

L o v e


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