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Patric Rotunno

Tamayo / 61,056sqm / 20,961 prims - Full protected waterfront sim for sale.

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Tamayo / 61,056sqm / 20,961 prims
Full protected waterfront sim for sale. 
L$275,000 (L$4.5 sqm)
Located in a beautiful region of second life, this sim is ideally suited for commercial or residential activities. It is intersected in the middle by a mainline road that snakes itself through countless regions. The front half of this sim has a sandy coastal terrain that is completely flat and it can be lowered or raised above the waterline which offers the potential to any creative landscaper.
Not only that, but it faces directly you; it truly is visually stunning. The waterfront is genuine and protected seafront which allows for watersports and outdoor activities. The back half of this behind the main man road is also completely flat and the terrain the screens and blends in well with the surrounding region it has a residential feel, a feeling of privacy and yet can be adapted to discrete commercial lettings.
The whole region has an ambiance to it; there are no ugly builds and people have landscaped their Sims tastefully. You truly won’t be disappointed; it is not often a sim of this quality becomes available. Incidentally, in all the years I have owned sims in this region, I have not had one complaint of lag.
I used to own several Sims in this region but due to different priorities, I have been selling all my waterfront Sims. This area truly is one of my favourite.
I read my posts daily so will respond quickly to any questions you may have.
Patric Rotunno




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