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:x Hey Everyone :x

I just wanted to Introduce myself. My name on here on SL is DJSmurphyBear, but everyone calls me Smurphy.In real life, I was born & raised in Indiana-USA. I enjoy meeting new people. I have been married in real life since 09 my partner on here is my real life husband, I DO NOT CHEAT!   I'm writing on here to meet new friends, nothing more.

Yes, I am a DJ I love playing my own songs. I'm slowly getting my own club going on here, on SL. The kind of songs I play is: 70-80-90s Lite Rock, Rock, Country ( I DO NOT play HARD HARD ROCK or RAP.! )  I'm going to start my own store on my own land, I'll be selling kitty cats, horses, ponies, chimps, & more.

I'm wanting to start a little family of my own, to hang with. I do have 2 girls & 1 boy, but 2 of my kids DO NOT COME to SL anymore, ages I would want is 20-25-30-35 that means age in real. I will be posting more once I get everything going.

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On 4/30/2017 at 4:30 AM, DJSmurphyBear said:

Hi Talligurl!

U are welcome to IM me... if u do IM & I'm OFFLINE Its because Indiana is having alot of storms right now.. I HATE STORMS lol. I will add u as soon as I can.. Hugs


5 hours ago, DJSmurphyBear said:

Hello Mythical:  I'm sorry I didn't answer this sooner... I'm going to update this post so please watch for it..

3 years & 5 months later- that was one heck of a storm! ⛈ 

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