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Whispering Pines Family RP Community

Katrya Clary
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Whispering Pines is a brand new family roleplay community based off a small town in North Carolina. 

We are beautifully decorated to bring you the down home country feel of a close community.  We offer residential rentals along with commercial. We have a new farmers market with a community garden so you can share your love of gardening with friends and family.  Our lakes are great for 7seas fishing and our parks are great for kids and families to spend time together in. We have a few cuddle areas set up over the community so you can spend some quiet time reflecting on your day. We have a number of community services Police,Fire, and rescue. We offer a bank with a money system being installed for the community and weekly events with so much more to come! 

For more information on our community here are some ways to contact us:





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