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Hi, I am looking to sale the remaining time on my rental box at Estia Estates. The weekly tier is 1562L$ for 1562 prims. That is only 1L$ per prim! The land is paid up to 6 weeks and 5 days to this day. I am only asking for 7,809L$ plus 1L$ for sale of the parcel, therefore, you will be getting 1 week and 5 days for free if you buy today. My tier box will be transferred to your name and you will be paying Estia Estates directly after the current 6 weeks and 5 days run out. Estia Estates is a good, classy, and dependable rental agency. I have rented from them for years. Please contact Gamja Myanamotu in world (preferrably as I don't log into the forum often). Act fast so you won't miss this deal. Thank you.

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Estia Estate's Covenant:


◄► * ESTIA * Estates ◄►

★ Owner: Antikratis Nirvana
★ Co-Owner: Destiny91 Resident
★ General Manager: VictoriaElina Resident

Find all Estia Estates staff list to contact here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Estia/192/180/3003

◄► Estia Rules (titles)◄►

1) Ground level
2) Sky level
3) Physical movement (breedables)
4) Residential / Commercial use
   4.1) Parties
   4.2) Avatar capacity (per parcel)
5) Tier / Payments / refunds / transfer
6) Land Owner rights / Support

◄► Estia Rules (extended)◄►

━━━► 1
Ground level
 We don’t allow modern types of buildings higher than 40m. 
 In the case that you violate this particular rule, the land will be immediately reclaimed, the building will be returned and we will wait for you to contact the managers of Estia Estates. You cannot have the region as your view from your building, all of the lands are private and all of the land owners have the right to have " clear sky ". 

We do not allow walls (simple prim picture). But you can use sculpted mountains or waterfalls and terraform mountains too!

In the case of castles, you have to contact a manager of Estia Estates to approve the building. 
Do not place a skybox on the ground... Skyboxes are for the sky.

You’re allowed to terraform your land. 
Do not create cliffs to your border-lines.
Respect your neighbor when you terraform. 
Our support team , can help you terraform any time you ask !

 Objects located or extended beyond your land’s borders, are strictly forbidden. (even if they are branches or tree leaves, or particle effects of any kind), they will be returned without warning as long as it violates your neighbor’s borderlines!
Respect your neighbors and do not use any space at all from their parcel.

━━━► 2
Sky level
You can use the sky from 400 m  and up to 4096m
Please chose a "clear" altitude, were your neighbors haven't already build.
Do not use more than 4 sky levels .
Anyhting at the sky and below 400m will be returned !
You are allowed to have any type of building, no matter how tall, as long as it doesn't extend over your borderlines at the sky.

 Objects located or extended beyond your land’s borders, are strictly forbidden. (even if they are branches or tree leaves, or particle effects of any kind), they will be returned without warning as long as it violates your neighbor’s borderlines!
Respect your neighbors and do not use any space at all from their parcel.

━━━► 3
Physical movement (breedables)
Breeding animals and pets, should have their physical movements disabled/deactivated, otherwise they will cause major lag problem on the sim and when they do, they will be returned with no warning in order to protect the region with no delay. You can have movements on, for a short time that you will play with them, but you cannot let them moving when you're not using them. If you are not present and your animals are moving we will return them without a warning. 
Be very careful with your objects! Every physical object, causes lag. Physical objects which contain scripts cause even greater lag and they are forbidden.

━━━► 4
Residential / Commercial use
We don't allow commercial use. However, there will be exceptions, only after special arrangement with the owner Antikratis Nirvana.
We do not allow clubs or malls at any case.
We do not allow parties , but we can make an exception for a birthday party once a year (as an example) . Of course you will have to let us know about at least a day before.       
       Avatar capacity (per parcel)
Avatar capacity on full prim region parcel is:
   20000 prims = 100 avatars
   10000 prims = 50 avatars
   5000 prims = 25 avatars
   2500 prims = 12 to 14 avatars
   1875 prims = 10 to 11 avatars
   1562 prims = 8 to 9 avatars
   1250 prims = 6 to 8 avatars
   937 prims =   5 avatars
   625 prims = 3 to 4 avatars
   468 prims = 2 to 4 avatars
   312 prims = 2 to 4 avatars
Tier / Payments / refunds / transfer

The price of your rent/tier, will never be raised !

The “rent”- Tier, should be paid right after the purchase of your land, at least for a week. You will receive notification in 3 days, 2 days, in 1 day and finally in the last 24 hours before your tier expires. If your land’s payment time expires, it will start counting down, so if for example you are late 2 hours, you will find your payment time minus 2 hours. Also, from the moment that your tier expires, we have the right to return your objects and reclaim the land, anytime, even in a minute after the end of the payment time. We, the owners of Estia Estates consider as a disrespectful act any delay of payment.

a)To renew your tier time , please visit our tier area : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Estia/213/235/2907

Estia Estates does not make refunds, apart from cases when wrong amount of money has been deposited. For instance, if you wanted to pay 1 week, but accidentally you paid 2 weeks, then please contact one of the Estia Estates’ owners within ten(10) minutes, not more!

You can buy as many lands you like from Estia Estates and join them !
   You can buy another land and let your first land tier expire (we will just reclaim the land you let expire) . If you have more than one land with Estia Estates , you can not transfer the money from one to the other and leave it. Only when the tier expires or if you abandon it, we can take it back.

If you like to move and transfer your remaining L$ at another land you have to contact Antikratis Nirvana or Destiny91 Resident or VictoriaElina Resident first!
Keep in mind that there is a chance to decline your request to transfer !
Once we agree , you will have to buy the new land and pay the tier for at least one week .
Then clear the land you are not keeping , from non-copy items and please let us know that you did . At that point we will transfer and add your money to the new land !

 However here is an extra cost for the transfer :
━to transfer from your land to a smaller one the cost is 1000L$
━to transfer from your land to a same size or prims or price land the cost is 500L$
━to transfer from your land to a bigger one there is no cost.

Land Owner rights / Support

Land owner at Estia Estates is ONLY the person that has bought the land and no one else that may pay for it. The staff of Estia can take requests or make changes to a land only if the land owner gives permission .

You can and you have to ask for a region ban if someone disrespects you in any way! Please have proof of the case and we will make the ban instantly!

Do not try to solve a problem with another tenant by yourself. It’s our responsibility, commitment and our job to be by your side at any problem occurs within the properties of Estia Estates!

Any violation of these regulations, allows us to either return your items without warning, or even confiscate your land without refund. ONLY IN EXTREME CASES (abuse – threats – personal insults to residents, employees or owners of Estia Estates.)

Thank you!
Estia Estates Owners & staff

        ━━━► * ESTIA * Estates ◄━━━

Η Εστία , η θεά της οικογενειακής εστίας , της οποίας ήταν προσωποποίηση , είναι η πρώτη κόρη του Κρόνου και της Ρέας και αδερφή του Δία και της Ήρας. Ο Ζεύς, της έδωσε ξεχωριστές τιμές. Να λατρεύεται σε όλα τα σπίτια των ανθρώπων και τους ναούς όλων των θεών. Ενώ οι άλλες θεότητες , πανε και έρχονται μέσα στον κόσμο, η Εστία παραμένει ακίνητη στον Όλυμπο. Όπως η οικογενειακή εστία είναι το θρησκευτικό κέντρο της κατοικίας, το ίδιο η Εστία είναι το θρησκευτικό κέντρο της θεΐκής κατοικίας.

Hestia, the goddess of home, which was personified, is the first daughter of Cronus and Rhea and sister of Zeus and Hera. Zeus, gave her unique values. To be worshiped in all people's homes and temples of all gods. While other gods come and go in the world, Hestia remains motionless on Olympus. As the family home is the religious center of house, so Hestia is the religious center of God's house.
(at Hellenic language , "Hestia" has also the meaning of the word "house" and  "center of fire" too. The letter "h" does not exist at the original name of Hestia and thats why we don't use it.)

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