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PAID Roleplaying Jobs- Summerwood @ Lakechase Community

Ariyana Kiyori
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Summerwood @ Lakechase Community

Home Begins Here.

The following positions are available for the new community of Summerwood. Please review our checklist before applying.

At least 160 days old or older.

Appropriate profile for ALL ages (Must have a profile picture of your avatar, or some sort) No plain profiles. Looking for engaged people.

Mesh avatar and attire (No flexi)

Knowledge about the position you are applying for.

Website: https://summerwoodlakechase.squarespace.com/?p

Visit us here: Summerwood @ Lakechase Community

To apply: Our website has 2 applications available, the rest you must contact the owner. (Name below)

*All Positions are PAID positions*


Estate Managers

DMV Positions

Police Positions (Chief, Sheriff, Officers)

Clinic (Paramedics, Doctor, Nurse)

Fire station (Chief, Firefighters)

Post Office (Mail deliverer)

If you have an idea for a position, and would like to take charge. Please contact


for all positions you are interested in.

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