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GlamCha - A Gacha Event

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Dreams of becoming a model, walking the runway, posing for ads, working in stores? How about dreams of behind the scenes work such as blogger, photographer, DJ's Host or Hostess for a runway show?

MVW Pro can take you where you want to go, whether it be in front of the camera or behind. We are the only school that you will need with the most up to date curriculum including Bento.

So many students pay for multiple schools trying to find success, well at MVW Pro look no longer and save your lindens for YOU! We offer all that you need in one place with successful teachers to take you where you want to go. We support you after you graduate as you will become part of the MVW family.

***So have some fun with the gachas, make sure to hit our ours as you could win a full scholarship or a percentage off your tuition to the school!***

And most importantly, talk with our staff, if we are not on site simply message one of our online staff and we will gladly answer any questions and concerns that you have.

Stop wasting your hard earned money on a Rolodex of schooling, all you need is one, and thats MVW PRO! 
We look forward to having you join our family! 

Kindest Regards,
Adriel Huntres
VP Marketing BOSL
1st Runner Up MVW 2017


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