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FLAVAH Magazine Hiring

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We are a monthly magazine that covers a wide variety of subjects from ads, news, fashions, to advising columns and poetry. 

What we are currently looking for:

As a reporter you will expected to research, document, write about assigned subjects. This position calls for quality writing, professionalism and reliability. Please have a sample of your work ready to show as you contact us.
==>Job Responsibilities: Prepare, schedule and conduct an interview, Meet Deadlines, Proofread your work! Training will be provided if necessary.
==>Compensation: Paid per assigned articles written, will be discussed further at the interview.

You will be free to express yourself/your ideas in the magazine (Limits: No adult or offending content, Words count). You may use the selected theme for the month as inspiration or create your own column!
==>Job Responsibilities: be Creative, innovative, passionate, meet Deadlines, proofread your work.
==>This is a volunteer position, many of us at Flavah joined the team simply for creativity's fake. Compensation will be discussed further at the interview.

-Sales Rep.
As a sales rep you will act as a liaison between customers and Flavah Magazine. This position calls for communication skills and determination.
==>Compensation: Paid, will be discussed further at the interview.

For any Inquiries please contact marysan2 Resident via notecard.

Flavah magazine.

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