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WOLF VALLEY RANCH only hires EXPERIENCED  RELIABLE  DJ'S - if you are given an opportunity to work and on your first shift it shows that you don't know how to run a DJ stream, you will not be given a second opportunity.   We do not have time to train you on the job. 

A little about WOLF VALLEY RANCH & CLUB and the job - we are a new club in SL and we have a real traffic with people coming in and out all day with or without a DJ.  You get paid by tips.... the house takes nothing from your tips.  WE DO NOT HIRE "PLUG AND PLAY" DJ's. The better you are at working a crowd the better the tips :-) 

We accept different formats and a variety of music except Rap and Death Metal. This is a Moderate sim and we do allow children Avi's and all Avi's.  We do not discriminate against anybody.

To get a DJ Application and If you have any questions contact SwisBeagle Tomorrow Owner or Escape Tomorrow ( DJ Manager)

Voice quality and energy is a big determination in hiring you so if your voice isn't clear enough or if you can't project yourself well on the Mic, you will not be hired.

Public sim, Romance, Country theme but we allow all music except Rap and Death Metal. Music, 80's music, Live DJ's, Explore, Line Dancing, Single and Couple Dance Intans, Dance pads, Ranch House, Nightclub, Variety of Music, Love, Family Friendly, Great personalities.



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