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Riverllon 1700s RPG is looking for Navy and Workers

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The Queen of Riverllon is looking for Navy crew to join her side and sail on Wonder ships on the greats seas of Riverllon

there will be battles to fight and have friends on our side. We will help the Queen protect the lands on which we reside.

If you have what it takes to be part of the Riverllon Navy, then come join her Royal highness Queen of Riverllon to be the best

lands we can be and show the other lands what we are made of.

( furries and humans alike are welcome at the Riverlion )


Now if you are one of those who would like to stay ashore and be a Worker and help Riverllon grow

then this is your chance to do so. You will not go unpaid as you will get paid with the RP currency ( which I think can turn into lindens, don't count me right on that, you would would have to talk to the Queen herself Queen  Feruda Purple Pen Dragon , I'm only navy xD )

Riverllion is a great and fun RP , if you would like to get into the RP send me a notecard with your name YOU LOGIN WITH and which you would like to be Navy or Worker,put what you would like to do IN the notecard send notecard to

Login Name: silverienawindren and I will send it to the Queen in hopes, she will message you.

That is all for now :-)

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OK, freeloading, if you prefer.

You're begging in literally every socially themed post that someone should give you a job or friend you or let you move in as a roomie. No post shows any effort on your end to make you appear interesting, hence why your "requests" come across as nothing but your average "hey, I need 100L. Please help me, I'll pay you back tomorrow, I promise" spam bot lines... actually, those might be more appealing. 

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