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Trista Banx

Rent this parcel and get lots of extras !

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Protected oceanfront property for rent. 

Sail or fly anywhere on the connected continents

2240 sqm

1200 / week,  768 prims.

Group provides ownership abilities.

Extras options include a free parking space in the parking area just to the west, use of the pool just to the north, and a private runway for taking off and landing.... none of which will count against your prim use or cost anything extra.

No ban lines near by, quiet area, neighbors to the east or west are never there. (I've never seen them in 2 years)

All prims rezzed are for example. You can place what ever you want, just no ban lines is all I ask. Security orb is fine.

The light blue in the picture shows the property boarders beyond the example dock.

Contact Trista Banx in world about any questions or details :)



Edited by Trista Banx
clarification of property boarders

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