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Seeking Angel Players for Convergence City.

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Seeking Angel Players for Convergence City.

Hello all!

I am seeking some players for the Elohim (angel) faction of Convergence city. Convergence is a dark urban sim with modern themes based in the time line of 2024. Its a diverse sim that welcomes all kinds of races, however I am seeking to expand the angel faction and trying to encourage more angel players to come join.

The Elohim (angels) are not your typical heroes, in fact they could very well be called the enemy, it all depends on perspective. They are an intense sometimes zealot like race, fully committed to their God and reason for existence. In this world, the Elohim race covet humans and the faithful, those who still worship who is the one true god in their eyes.

They are probably liked even less than their counterparts the Nephilim (demon) faction. This race has allot of deep history but can be very rewarding to play as they have lots of facets, and many have fallen to vices that would normally be considered sin for any human, which is fun!

If your interested, I encourage you to read the racial lore HERE as well as the sims lore HERE.

Slurl HERE to Convergence City

Apply to play HERE

any questions please contact me Seralath Resident, I am acting as present faction lead of the Elohim.

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