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Chic Aeon

Inserting Links

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So (for me) the link insertion method could use some rethinking. 

I pasted in some text for a link  -- like I would do in many forums. It put itself in an odd box like it would if I was accessing a page, but nothing showed up but an empty grayed out blinking box. I couldn't delete that area -- at least I tried hard and didn't manage it, but it looked completely empty.

Next I used the LINK icon to get the link making box which worked fine.  I understand that "sometimes"  when inserting a URL the first photo of that page shows up which is great if there is a photo. If not, then it seems messy.


Here is the forum post: 

And that of course worked just fine. :D


 Here is the screenshot of what I saw in edit:




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I'm gonna have a go...

Second Life

That was ok. I placed the cursor where I wanted the link and clicked the link icon.

Let's see it in the middle of a sentence. For that one, I typed the text as normal, then highlighted the word and clicked the link icon.

It all seems to work ok for me. And I was able to delete the links too. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch when you did it, Chic, or what have I misunderstood?

Edited by Phil Deakins

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