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Roleplay Partner Wanted

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Not sure exactly what to write here but ...


I am Vicki , I live in the UK , 

but I  spent allot of my time on sl during American time zones

I roleplay here in SL as a US Marine and have worked my way up over the years from recruit to SgtMaj

I love my roleplay and feel very fulfilled by it , but after three long term relationships in SL I'm missing that connection

I am not looking for a sexual partner , just someone to connect with and spend time with ( either male or female )  , I am very romantic as well as goofy and fun (or so I have been told ) I have a small sl family , one daughter who is grown and married with her own children .

although I cant offer the sexual side of a relationship I can offer everything else , I voice often either in world or skype , also have a SL facebook

if this sounds like anything you would be interested in then please feel free to I'm me and we cant talk some more

if not I wish you well on your search in sl

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I'm not an RPer, but I'm happy to offer a plot line for you to explore with your next partner...


So, it seems that the Marine's advertising message "We're Looking For A Few Good Men" was to be taken more literally than I thought. They didn't want all Marines to be good men, maybe not even most, but just a few? Since those few good men couldn't (and still can't) contain the rest, could it be that it's up to you?


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