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Pippa Soulstar

[::Candied::] Is Hiring Escorts, Dancers and a GM!

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[ Dancers and Escorts ]

Looking for a new place to call home? We're hiring escorts and dancers from all levels of experience to join our fun-filled, entertaining club. We are a high traffic club, with huge earning potential for all girls who work our stages. We have tons of perks and incentives that we offer to all of our girls including but not limited to: paid time clock, candy of the week, candy of the month, referral bonuses, employee housing and much much more! Interested applicants must have a mesh body, hands and feet and know how to text emote!


[ General Manager ]

We are looking for a general manager to join our team. Must have previous management experience at an escort club, or club of some sort. We are looking for a GM who has a mesh avatar, hands and feet and impeccable style. We also require that our management put in more hours than our regular escorting and dancing staff to ensure they have someone they can reach out to in the event of a problem. Must be willing to abide by our club rules and guidelines and be able to enforce those rules and guidelines with grace and ease, and be an effective problem solver. 


if interested in either position please visit us in world, if inquiring about the GM position please write up an inquiry via NOTECARD and send it directly to Pippa Soulstar in case I am for any reason offline because my delivery does cap. 





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I often see stuff in the Role Playing sub-forum that is mentioning positions available, but also discussing the RP sim in general.  I'm not sure where the line is for that category.  By true forum rules, all advertising of places and employement stuff is supposed to be in the Commerce forum.

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12 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

This belongs in the Commerce forum, sub-forum Inworld Employment

no, this belongs in the ADULT section

it's offering cam escorts, thats prostitution in most countries, it shouldn't be mentioned in the general part of the forum.

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