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The Trimarian Federation Needs YOU!!!

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The Trimarian Federation is proud to announce that it is now open to new applicants.

But what is the Trimarian Federation? The Trimarian Federation is a multi-universal collection of independent states coming together to foster peace, stability, and economic growth amongst each other.

We are currently looking for active roleplayers who wish to fulfill any number of needs.

Our current needs however are as follows:

1.) Military Personnel of all branches and specialties. All uniforms, weapons and equipment are provided free of charge. We also offer training for those who are unsure of what to do.

2.) Government Employees and Officials such as politicians, department heads and ambassadors

3.) ANYTHING you wish to be that you think would benefit not only our roleplay as a group but would be fun for you!

To apply please follow the group url to our group profile inworld as well as our forum page and introduce yourself.



Group URL:http://world.secondlife.com/group/d0d033f9-f910-1cba-2b68-3689166b0690


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