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Texture not shows

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APOLOGIZE that I make A LOT topics ... I think it should make new topic because it's not the same question.... I'm NOT try to being troll but I'm not sure too that's proper or not ;_; ..... I just afraid that people don't see it...
(I would like the answer for being that it may be better if making new topic for new question?)


Apologize for a lot comments :( 

I would like to know that why my uv texture didn't show on mesh when uploading

it just show white color t-shirt :( (I would like to sell it too)



More information

- I try doing one more file of mesh. The texture was shown on upload window, BUT it's only an object... not rigged ... (although I have rigged). So, I went back to Blender and rigged again ... (using alt+P to clear parent). It fixed about rigging , BUT the UV texturing become not showing again..

- more question .... I have heard that the fee of upload is 10$L ... but why my fee is 41$L ? 

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To start with the second question, the upload fee is 10 L$ for texture, sound and animation files. For mesh the fee depends on the complexity of the model. The more vertices the mesh asset contains, throughout it's Level of Detail models as well, the higher the L$ upload fee will be. With a minimum fee of 11 L$ for mesh models.

The 10 L$ for textures have to be paid regardless, if they are uploaded separately, or together with the model. To upload them with the model, the Include Textures checkbox has to be ticked under the Options tab in the import window.
However, it's easy enough to upload textures on their own, and apply them to the model in-world. That's what the majority of us is doing, for various reasons.

So, try to upload the texture of the shirt separately, and drag it onto your model in-world.

We certainly do see your questions no matter where they appear. It just can take a while until someone will answer, because we are a rather small group of helping people here, and we aren't online 24/7 either. It's fine to create a new topic for different questions indeed. Although, pretty much all of these questions have been answered several times over the past years, and a more or less extensive search will reveal the solutions in a lot of cases.

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Hi :)

2 hours ago, Kuntavina said:


More information

- more question .... I have heard that the fee of upload is 10$L ... but why my fee is 41$L ? 


You may or may not know that there is a Second Life Beta grid, which you can use to do test uploads. On this Beta test grid the uploads costs are FREE !  :)

Read carefully through this page :http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid


To have access to this little test world you will need to open your SL viewer and enable Show Grid Selection at Login



Then at the Login screen choose Second Life beta Test grid (Aditi) and Morris as your destination. (there are other sandboxes on the test grid if you need them. When you get there just open the main map and do a search for sandbox)


Note, for uploading mesh you will need to redo the "Mesh IP Test" etc.

You will still be "charged" an Upload fee exactly the same as when you are on the main SL grid (Agni) but the L$'s will not be deducted from your main account.



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Thank you for all answers!
It' work now! 

So sorry that I'm impatient.
I didn't know that it can uploading texture too , so I was only searching about mesh with UV texture.
Then, I was going to search about uploading textures and it's easily.

Thank you again, I'll try better about learning by my self :) 

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