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Let's rename 'SECOND LIFE' .... any ideas?

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if Lindenlabs would ask us residents about changing the name of the game, what ideas would you have in mind for them and why you would choose this name? *meows*


ART-VATAR (our avatars are like little artworks)

SECOND LIE (a mysterious and fascinating world of dreams, where the rules of reality do not apply)

GRID (short, powerful and to the point)



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Avatar World. That's what SL is all about, imho. Seeing and being seen, interacting with others as whoever we choose to be. The entire 3D world around our digital alter egos is ultimately meaningless eye candy, nothing but a nice backdrop for photos of our virtual selves.

Alas, Linden Lab have never really understood what makes their platform so special. Otherwise they wouldn't have robbed new residents of all tools to customize their own look. But that's an entirely different topic. 

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To me SL is not about avatars but about the possibities to create, do and explore everything our imagination can make up.

I think we need a name that shows that, the idea of "sl is what YOU make it", but avoiding "second life" because to outsiders that sounds a bit like it takes over your life and they always say something "funny" like "one life is enough".


Virtual Life

Online world

Virtual Explorer

Pixel World

iLife ;)


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@madeliefste : .... secrets in second life?????????????????

@pep : (sex and lies) ...u mean?

@ishtara : interesting view, but still we need the eye candy in here or the grid would look extremely boring

@luc : why a question mark? please explain

@jo : interesting perception and I agree that the name makes outsiders roll their eyes....

@sandra : hahahaha


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I was always fond of HAIR-NET, but, seriously, yes, Second Life needs a new name. Choosing a new name, though, requires some major brainpower. Here is a brief list of criteria:

The name must be:

  • new, fresh, young, original, crisp, memorable, clever
  • short, one word, two or three syllables (not one, not more than three)
  • .com domain name still available (yes, a challenge for sure)
  • international semantic neutrality (can't be dog poo in Korean or sanitary napkin in Swedish)
  • gains from rhyming parallels (Seiko/saiku, iPhone/myphone, not woozer/loser or Winnie the Pooh)
  • simple, unambiguous spelling (Rolex, not Roelleques; Hermes, not Aphrodite)
  • capture the core essence of virtual worlds as a concept

Examples of superb names from history:

  • Microsoft (micro-computer + software)
  • Facebook (similar to address book, face = picture/image, most memorable photos are of faces, 'face' also means social status, she gained face by wearing a Dior strapless to the reception, he lost face by being late for the meeting, Ronnie was a face among criminals)
  • Kodak (memorable, made-up word)
  • Coca-Cola / Coke (coca leaves for energy, perfectly legal until 1914, think Red Bull 1910)
  • Nikon (ikon/icon)
  • Seiko (saiku = delicate, precision craftsmanship)

The worst part of the name Second Life is 'second' (second best, second rate, second place, came second, subordinate to something else, not as good as something else, a pale imitation of whatever was first). Therefore, kill off the whole 'second' thing and start again from scratch.

With all this in mind, Linden Lab should hold a contest with a prize of L$10 million (yes, US$40,000, dirt cheap for such consulting work). Me, I have wrestled with this renaming problem for years and I have not yet come up with a solution.

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You just had to ask for an explanation, didn't you? :)

I didn't use much brainpower on it, for sure. I reserve that for the important things, like should I have a beer later? (To which the answer is always 'Yes').

I think Second life as a name is a good one. In many ways that is exactly what it is. But, a lot of people spend a lot of time in SL. Including me. Sometimes it feels like RL is getting in the way of my  SL time, and I, at least, feel like I'm just going through the motions in RL so that I'm able to spend even more time on SL. Then I'm thinking; Since we spend so much time and resources on SL, is it really 'Second'? And if we refer to one as 'Real Life', shouldn't SL be called 'Fake life'? (I know RL is sometimes referred to as 'First Life', but for the most part it is RL.) Further, since SL is obviously REAL (it is real people, and real time spent), is Second life the right thing to call it?

Don't know if any of it makes sense to anybody but me, but there it is.

- Luc -

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3812 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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